Louisville KY is a region known for its distinct seasons of temperate and severe weather. While it’s not uncommon for the region to experience storm damage, it’s important to have a restoration company on call that can help you recover from disasters. Our services can assist you through all stages of disaster recovery, from fire and water damage to mold remediation.

Historical Buildings

Restoration in Louisville KY of historic buildings helps to maintain the integrity and value of our community’s architecture. It is also a great way to create new business and residential opportunities.

The Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program encourages private sector rehabilitation of historic buildings and is one of the most successful and cost-effective community revitalization programs in the nation.

To qualify as historic, a building must be at least 50 years old and have a significant association with a particular event or person. Although the 50-year rule is important to ensure perspective, a property can still be recognized as historic before that time.

In addition to contributing to a historic district, a building may be eligible for State and National Register designation. In addition, a building can be designated as a Local Landmark.

Commercial Buildings

Restoration in Louisville KY of commercial buildings is a specialized field that requires expert technical skills. This is because the property needs to be repaired as well as cleaned and inspected for compliance with current building codes.

Older buildings are often subject to damage from water and sewer issues. Leaks can cause mold, electrical damage, and other serious problems.

A professional restoration company with long-term experience should be employed to ensure that water intrusions are addressed and properly repaired. They should also be able to perform inspections of the concrete and masonry structure for potential cracks, defects, and deterioration.

The Kentucky Building Code devotes an entire chapter – Chapter 34 – to renovation work. It addresses the differences between new construction and renovation work, including the complexities of hidden conditions, materials, methods and impact from long term use.

Residential Buildings

Restoration is the process of repairing or rebuilding a building to its original condition. This can involve new mechanical or structural improvements, as well as rehabilitating historic features.

In Louisville, the city’s neighborhoods are full of older homes and commercial buildings that need restoration to keep them safe, functional, and beautiful. These structures impact the city’s economic and social fabric, helping create a sense of place in Louisville that is unique and unrivaled.

Many of these older structures are already protected by the Louisville Metro Council through local designation of landmarks and/or preservation districts. Identifying areas and sites that should be designated for historic preservation is one way to ensure the long-term viability of Louisville’s historical and cultural resources. It is also a means to help residents understand the value and importance of protecting their heritage, and to foster community engagement. The City of Louisville is a leader in historic preservation in the commonwealth, and we are committed to working together to preserve our history.

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