Bling Vaping: Where Elegance Meets Vapor

Bling Vaping is a disposable vaporizer that’s simple and easy to use. It’s a great choice for beginners or vapers on the go.

It comes pre-filled with a variety of flavors and a USB-C rechargeable battery. It has a perfect coil and airflow for thick flavors and ultimate clouds.

Blueberry Mint

This refreshing blend of wild berries and tropical sweets is tied together with a blast of cool icy mint flavors that will awaken your taste buds. It’s the perfect addition to your candy display and pairs perfectly with a variety of cocktails.

It’s a summery drink that can be enjoyed in the sun, on the patio or just relaxing at home. If you’re entertaining, this is the perfect cocktail to make for your guests. Just make the blueberry puree a few days ahead of time, then assemble the drinks as needed for your guests to enjoy.

You’ll need the following ingredients to make this delicious cocktail:

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry and banana are a classic pair that offers a sweet sensation that is refreshing on the exhale. This flavor is available in our Bling Eternity disposable vape pod, which features a flashy wattage meter and is easy to use for newcomers or mobile vaping. It features a perfect coil and airflow that produces thick flavors and ultimate clouds.

The luscious taste of ripe honeydew melons and watermelon is refreshed with a burst of icy menthol flavor. This e-liquid is available in our Bling Diamond disposable vaporizer, which is USB-C rechargeable and easy to use for both newcomers and mobile vaping.

This delicious berry blend is the perfect choice for anyone who loves fruity flavors. This mixture is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, including vitamin C to boost the immune system, potassium to regulate blood pressure, folate to promote red blood cell development, and copper for muscle function. It also provides an array of other benefits, including the ability to combat depression.

Honeydew Melon

Enjoy the luscious notes of summer watermelon enhanced with a burst of cool soothing menthol for an invigorating vaping experience. This refreshing flavor is offered in a BLING Diamond disposable pod device that is USB-C rechargeable and easy to use for novice and veteran vapers.

Cantaloupe is a healthy fruit rich in potassium and vitamins A and C. Its nutrients help balance fluid levels in the body and reduce the risk of stroke. It is also a good source of citrulline, which reduces muscle soreness after exercise and increases blood flow.

This dazzling mix of strawberries and bananas is a refreshing dessert flavor that is perfect for vapers who love sweet fruits and cooling menthol flavors. This mouthwatering fusion is offered in a BLING Diamond portable and convenient disposable pod device that features a built-in 280mAh battery and a 3ml ejuice capacity. It’s USB-C rechargeable and has a draw-activated mechanism. Each device is made with high quality food grade ingredients and adheres to strict manufacturing standards for big flavors, thick clouds and ultimate satisfaction.


A fusion of strawberries, pineapple and blueberries with icy menthol notes that will give you a taste burst every time you inhale. It’s one of 18 amazing flavors offered by Bling Eternity disposable pods and comes with a USB-C rechargeable device that’s easy to use for newcomers or mobile vapers.

This luscious flavor of ripe honeydew melons and watermelon is enhanced with a refreshing blast of icy menthol. It’s available in a premium disposable pod that features a flashy wattage indicator and a draw-activated design that’s simple to operate for hassle-free vaping on the go.

A classic mix of strawberries and bananas complemented with a subtle blast of cool mint that will refresh your palate with each and every puff. This delicious flavor is available in our BLING Market disposable vape devices that come in different nicotine strengths and have a perfect coil and airflow to deliver big flavors and ultimate clouds at an affordable price.